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Minneapolis Property Rights Lawyers

Minneapolis/St. Paul Landowner Rights Attorneys

As a Minnesota property owner, you have rights. While the law of eminent domain entitles the government to take land in certain situations, eminent domain abuse does happen. Perhaps they are trying to take more than they are allowed. Perhaps they are not paying you a fair amount of compensation. Perhaps they are stepping on your rights in another way.

One right that you should always take advantage of is your right to a lawyer. The government has lawyers on their side, lawyers with a great deal of experience and resources. You have the right to have a lawyer who will fight for you. That is where we come in. We are the Frankman Law Offices. We have 50 years plus of combined experience helping people like you.

Understand Property Rights

The concept of property rights becomes extremely complex in eminent domain and condemnation cases. Our attorneys will work closely with you, learning about your situation and educating you about property rights. Early on in the process, we will discuss the potential outcomes that you could see, based on our extensive experience handling similar cases.

As your case moves forward, we will remain in contact with you. We will keep you updated on your case's progress. When you have questions or concerns along the way, you will have no trouble getting in touch with us.

A History of Success in Protecting Property Owners

We have an impressive record of success representing landowners of all types, from homeowners to owners of small and large businesses, as well as owners of farms and agricultural property. Our goal is to get you more than what the government offered.

Cases Handled on a Contingency Fee Basis

We will only ask for payment if you recover more than the government has offered. Thanks to new eminent domain laws, you may be reimbursed for some fees.

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