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Twin Cities & Minnesota Eminent Domain & Condemnation Lawyers

If the government or condemning authority is trying to take your land, there are questions that you want answered. You want to know if the government has the right to take your property. You want to know that you are getting the right amount of compensation, “just compensation”, for the property that is taken and the damage that may be done to your remaining land. These tasks demand experienced and dedicated attorneys.

When the government, their lawyers and their appraisers swoop in to take your land or business for use as a road or highway, power line, light rail transit, or for any other purpose, you may feel pressured to make decisions before you have the answers you need. At the Frankman Law Offices, our lawyers are ready to step in, get your answers and protect your rights during this process.

Enlist Attorneys Who Know the Law

Eminent domain and condemnation is a very complex area of the law. You want to be represented by attorneys who understand the relevant statutes and case law. Minnesota Statute Chapter 117 is a lot more difficult to interpret than at first glace. You want attorneys who have 60 years plus of combined experience standing up for landowner rights. You want the attorneys who other attorneys, not to mention judges, have turned to when their property is taken. You will find those attorneys at our law firm.

How Much Is Your Land Worth?

The government has made an offer for your land. Perhaps it sounds fair, but you are not entirely certain. Perhaps you are a business owner, and the land you lost will impact your business. Should you be compensated for the negative financial impact? Yes, you should.

As attorneys who have spent years focusing on these cases, we know how to work with experienced appraisers and other experts to find out exactly how much you should be compensated. Not surprisingly, it is frequently much more than the government has offered. We work hard to recover “just compensation” for your property.

Cases Usually Handled on a Contingency Fee Basis

We will only ask for payment if you recover more than the government has offered. Thanks to new eminent domain laws, you may be reimbursed for some fees.

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